The Swag World – Offering six varieties of Monthly Jewellery Subscription Box

Hello to the pretty ladies out there.Going out on a Sunday brunch or a Coffee date with your dear one ,you’ve got the perfect dress but confused what to accessorize it with? 

Chill girl ! We have a solution for you. 

Surprise! Surprise! ❤

We’ve got the perfect jewelry for every occasion.

The most important  rule 

when going on a date or lunch is not to get over-dressed and not to even look too blingy. 

Keep your dress and makeup minimal and let your accessories do the talking. You must be tired of roaming around malls and local shops searching for a perfect jewelry to accessorize your outfit and to complete that OOTD. 

So here’s introducing you to  “THE SWAG BOX”. Your perfect accessory store which comes in a 
subscription box by “The Swag World”. 

This is a monthly subscription jewelry box.They have wide range of jewelry and accessories for every occasion and they have 6 varieties of subscription boxes as well.The range starts from 799 to 1999 and they have gifting options too.They provide Free Shipping on orders above Rs 1000/- .

A ) The first subscription box is the #miniswag box which is called the Swag Box Like Happiness


B) The second one is the #princessswagbox 
which is called How to Make A Swag Box for a Bad Day

In this category they have three types of boxes priced same but customized differently.

C) This is the #swagwithabonus which is called A Little Box of Happiness.

D) This is the #classicswagbox which is called The Classic Just Have It Swag Box. 


E)This is the #stylemyswagbox which is called Style my swag Box where you can send them the picture of any outfit and their team will pick perfect accessories according to your swag profile for that particular outfit.


F) This is the #create your swag which is called the The Power of Simple Swag Box.Where you 
can even customize your own jewelry.

Gifting is also another way to spread the #swag, if your are confused what to gift your bestie , girlfriend , wife, sister, or even collegue or su-ordinate Give The Gift Of  The Swag World.You can gift this 
to your bestie, your sister,or even your colleague.

This box is best for gifting to your loved ones,be it an occasion or thanking them.Go ahead and gift this box which is perfect to go.

Today I have received a very special subscription box from “The Swag World”.It was priced 
at Rs 1199/- It is the Princess Swag Box.So lets talk about its packaging and the products I have received.

The packaging has come in a matte black magnetic box which looks really luxury classy with their logo “The Swag World” written on it.I really liked their logo which is more of swag with
a feminine touch and also attractive.

Coming to the inner packing the products are packed in cute little pink coloured organza bags with some confetti filled inside and they are wrapped with colour paper.

The packaging is sooo good and I would definitely give a 10/10.

I also have received a hand written note regarding the products and a small card explaining about the 
princess swag box.

The products I have received in this month are tassel earrings,black colour neck choker and a beautiful neckpiece. 

Lets discuss about the jewelry i have received.

Creme Tassel earrings– These are perfect for any outfit be it trendy or traditional it just goes with ease.
Tassels are very much in trend these days.As I told keep your clothes minimal and let your accessories do the talking.

Choker neck piece -This black choker is really comfortable and easy to wear.Chokers have become a style statement these days.

If you want to go on the simple side wear this choker
and you’re good to go.

Gold neck piece- This has to be my favorite and I m really loving it.

This gold coloured 3 layered chain comes with a leaf pendant and hint of blue beads and gold coloured coins.

This is really pretty and goes well with any outfit, it just adds as a style statement to
your outfit.

So now you know what to do go ahead and subscribe for your favourite themed box and get featured on their social media.

You can also follow their social media pages

Facebook,Instagram,Snapchat,Pinterest,Roposo,Google+ @theswagworld

For more information you can follow their Instagram page and twitter @the_swagworld 

you could even log into it is their official website.

Blog writer – Radhika Verma

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