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Get the amazing “Casual Boho Look”

Bohemian  look…. One of the most popular look these days…Although the look is not new , its an old cup cake with new icing on it. BOHO is a style of dressing that was popular way back in the 60’s and 70’s. The basic style of Boho dressing is a balanced combination well arranged hippie […]

Gorgeous Brides Maid Look

    Friendship isn’t a big thing, it’s a million little things.”  Your BFf bride to be D-day is arriving and you are gonna be her bridesmaid…. exciting and equally nervous…. Here is an idea for looking gorgeous along with the bride as a bridesmaid. Follow the traditional wedding look with a touch of trend . Here […]

Keep Your Swag High This Independence With Patriotism

  Independence Day is the most awaited day that every Indian looks forward to. It is the day when India became free and Independent from the British rule. Getting ready for a patriotic function for independence Day…..???? Pairing up an outfit with the flag colours…. orange, white, green and blue. Here is an outfit idea […]

Style Your Look For ” First Date”

Going out on a first date…..???❤❤😍😍😍 Excited and equally nervous about how to impress your loved one with a beautiful yet elegant dress and of course the beautiful you!!!!!! Planning ahead and taking out a little time can make your first date a super hit. All you need is a little wardrobe preparation and a […]

Most Flattering Earrings for Diamond Shape Face

There is a whole science behind what looks good on your face type / shape and whats not Here are the basic things that one needs to consider while deciding accessories for “Diamond Shape “ face. A diamond face shape has a narrow forehead and jaw, with the widest part of the face at the […]

How to pick best necklace for your outfit

You may have a lot of good and Trendy collection of necklaces but… knowing which necklace suits the best to the different necklines is important. What to wear or how to accessorize the necklace with your outfit’s neckline in a perfect way….???? Here is your guide. The different necklines we have are: 1. Square neckline. 2. […]

Choose Perfect Necklaces For Your Necklines

Hey Gals, so accessorizing is something which is majorly loved all women worldwide. Although choice of accessories can be varied from minimal to bold …neutral to bright …. long to small  and a lot more. While choosing neck pieces a question “WHICH NECKPIECE” always haunts a lady with class and particularity. She will be always […]

~ Introducing~ Swag Combos

The Swag World is having different options in choosing right jewellery at the best price.and the new concept of swag combos is just amazing. Here we have listed some combos from earrings where in you can get a A set of 2 earrings. A set of 3 earrings. And A set of 4 earrings. Combo……that […]

Pairing accessories with little blue dress

  The blue colour is quite calm, noble and loved by many designers. The great thing about this colour is that it suits absolutely everything. it’s like a second black.  ➡When wearing bright colours outfit always match them with neutrals. Neutrals like gold,silver or bronze gives an elegant look. ➡This cobalt blue dress colour is such […]

The Swag World – Monthly Jewelry Subscription box

I have enough jewelry , never said any girl……. By THE SWAG WORLD (   Yes “I have enough jewelry, never said any girl……. ” and that’s why we, at “THE SWAG WORLD“came up with six (6) varieties of our monthly jewelry subscription boxes.    Yes you heard it right. The services and the various […]